quarta-feira, 17 de abril de 2013

" E disse-lhes: Ide por todo o mundo, pregai o evangelho a toda criatura." (Marcos 16:15)

May GOD continue to bless this ministry blessed the SGM Lifewords.
As seen in this photo, but it's not just the Tribes and Forests of India who benefit from this material Wonderful, they have sent evangelistic literature of excellent quality, for the whole world, myself here in Brazil, have been benefited with booklets and leaflets, which has helped me a lot in evangelism, God bless greatly this work.

"And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature." (Mark 16:15)

Que DEUS, continue abençoando este Ministério abençoado da SGM Lifewords.
Como vimos nesta foto, mas não é só as Tribos ou Florestas da India que são beneficiados com este material Maravilhoso, eles tem enviado literatura evangelística de ótima qualidade, para o mundo inteiro, eu mesmo aqui no Brasil, tenho sido beneficiado, com livretos e folhetos , que tem me auxiliado muito no evangelismo, DEUS abençoe grandemente esta obra.

" E disse-lhes: Ide por todo o mundo, pregai o evangelho a toda criatura." (Marcos 16:15)
This is what Gunar, who ministers to tribal people in Andhra Pradesh, India, said to us:

“Thank you very much for sending the SGM Lifewords publications. We've distributed your Bible literature in the Nallamalla forest area. It’s a very dangerous area as many tigers live in this place. We went there to visit the Chenchu people who live there, mostly cut off from the modern world. We went to different areas, distributed publications and proclaimed the Word of God. We prayed with them and they were so happy to hear the good news of the gospel."

So thank you for all your support - it really helps people all around the world share the Bible with people who otherwise wouldn't hear it.

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